“I had the privilege of having Danelle Umstead speak at my executive leadership conference.  Her story of perseverance and adaptation is inspirational.  She has opened my eyes on how to embrace change and make the best of any situation.  I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a great motivational speaker.”

“I can unequivocally tell you that none of our past guests have come close to having the type of profound impact on my teammates as Danelle Umstead. She was so genuine and so inspiring; she absolutely touched the souls of everyone she met.”

“Danelle is one of the most powerful and inspiring speakers I have ever heard.  Our audience was moved by her words.  I still have guests coming up to me today who tell me they have never been more motivated to take on challenges and embrace life. Danelle is one of those rare gems who shines so brightly.”


“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Danelle. She was friendly and engaging from the beginning of our partnership and so fantastic to work with at our national summit. Not only was she a pleasure to spend time with, her speech was incredibly inspiring and emotional.”


“Danelle’s message with her personal stories and experiences demonstrated to the Western Washington Toyota dealers that we all should follow her courage to step outside our comfort zones and challenge ourselves to become better, stretch your limitations , experience events you thought you could never pull off – whether it’s personal or in this case the owners of the Toyota retail dealerships business strategies to be the best in town!

“Danelle made me laugh, as well as bring tears to my eyes! Inspirational and eloquent, Danelle demonstrated the will to “go beyond the expected”. Her story set the example for how determination, poise, and believing in one-self, coupled with putting your faith in those around you, brings significant reward…both individual and team reward.”